About TEC Foundation

TEC Foundation is a Nonprofit Organization formed to inspire and empower new generations of creative professionals and entrepreneurs by giving them early access to the tools of modern innovation.

Our Mission: 

Formal Version...

  • Inspire and empower new generations of creative professionals and entrepreneurs especially in areas related to science, technology, and innovation.
  • Improve public access to modern tools for hands-on education, innovation, and creativity.

...What we really mean - 

  • Make more geeks.
  • Give geeks tools.

Our Vision: 

About 20/20 unless we've been editing our about page too much...then it's worse.

What does TEC Foundation do? 

We improve public access to awesome tools.  We help communities establish local maker spaces that we call TEC Hubs.  We've just begun to establish our first prototype TEC Hubs and we're busy working out the details.  Soon, we plan to provide communities across the United States with an easy way to establish their own local TEC Hubs.  We will also grow an online repository of project ideas and our favorite hands-on STEM programs.  We want to build an active community around the vision of establishing high-quality maker spaces everywhere.

Why do we do it? 

We like the idea of communities having a place for people to tinker, build, innovate, and create.  We believe we're witnessing another major shift in the way the world's things are made and we think it's critical to empower our young people (and old people, too!) by letting them experience this new industrial revolution first hand.  CNC machines, 3d printers, embedded electronics, robots, and the internet of things--opportunities for innovation are everywhere.  We want to get students excited.  We want them to see how their ideas can be made into real products.  We want to give them places where science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are more than just subjects--they're great "tools" for real projects.  We want to give them TEC Hubs!

What are TEC Hubs?

TEC Hubs are community maker spaces.  They are modern fabrication shops with electronic labs and lots of hands-on learning fun.  A TEC Hub is formed and operated by the community it serves and is designed to be flexible enough to fit almost anywhere.  TEC Hubs are tailored to the interests and passions of their local communities.  Care about robotics?  Focus there.  Care about advancements in energy or home automation?  Focus there.  Don't know what you care about?  Hang out and prepare to be inspired!

TEC Hubs are places for inspiration and discovery!